Welcome and Foundational Truths for Wives

Welcome to ChristianSexClass.org. I am diving into the world of what would be considered for me, “high tech” and creating a web site/blog. My goal is to make information about my classes more accessible, though I am already dreading that it might feel less personal. Weekly I plan on posting missions or encouragement to help you make your marriage a priority. Every couple of weeks, I plan on posting a book review  and then we’ll see where it goes from there.

For this first week, I share with you the foundational truths that I believe for women in their sex life. Read them, pray about them. Do you believe them? Do you live them?

Foundational Truths  for Wives

  1. God can transform you and your marriage.
  2. God created sex for wives as much as for husbands
  3. Sex connects us to our spouse in ways like no other thing.
  4. In order to have freedom in our marriage beds, we must get rid of the lies about sex, free ourselves from our baggage, and see ourselves as beautiful unique creations.
  5. We must believe (submit to) our husbands when they tell us they love our bodies.
  6. Communication is key – If our husbands cannot trust that we will gently ask for what our bodies need, than they are left to wonder and we are left unfulfilled.
  7. We need to help our husbands by helping them expand their playbook for us.
  8. God created us to experience much more than we realize and it is when we are open to new possibilities that he can show us.
  9. Christian wives should be having the best sex ever and should encourage
    other wives in their sex lives.
  10. We need to be fully committed and not hold back. Our husbands want all of us and so does God.
  11. Our marriages must give our kids something to look forward to and a reason to wait to have sex until marriage.
  12.  Sex is much more than intercourse, it is seeing each other naked and unashamed, and in a sense, worshipping God through His creation