Sex every day for the rest of your marriage

I hope you are enjoying the Ten Day Challenge as we approach Valentines. There is something to be said for intentionality, isn’t there? I think I get almost as much enjoyment from the anticipation and from getting my creative juices flowing, as from the actual event. Planning different outfits and where we are going to find time, sometimes spontaneously grabbing 20 minutes when everyone else is occupied, or setting the mood with a few candles – it is all good, isn’t it?

And sometimes… no matter how hard you’ve tried, it just doesn’t happen. You get caught up in watching the Olympics way too late, or the kids have passed around strep throat for the 3rd time and you are exhausted. Sometimes, the thing that both of you want most, is to just fall asleep in each other’s arms. To intertwine your bodies, feel each other’s heartbeat, and to breath in and breath out as if you were one. We need to know each other in the simple healing touch of rest.  Maybe my definition of sex is way too narrow.

So what is my point? What is the mission?

What if every day, for the rest of your marriage, you had sex in the very broad sense of the word? What if you took the time to connect in some way, that confirmed …

We are one

We are in this together

I will be your rest

I will hear you

I will see you

I will touch you

I will know you

We are one