Getting rid of the “Should” or “Should Not”

undecided voter conceptAs a woman that grew up going to church every Sunday, there were a lot more “Should nots” that were implied about sex than “Shoulds”.

Don’t do it till you’re married

Don’t talk about it

Don’t think about it

“Shoulds” can come from all kinds of sources, our parents, our church, and the world. They cover us with expectations that prevent us from becoming the person God created us to be. We begin living what others say we are instead of the unique individual He created. We limit what we can allow ourselves to experience because of the “should” in our head. It is in our sexuality that we reveal so much of who we are, and if we let the “should” hold us back, than we will never really “know” each other. So what do we do?

Step 1- Identify the “should” or “should not”.

Step 2 – Measure it against God’s Truth and intention for our marriage bed – and throw out what is not within his safe boundaries

Step 3 – Try it on for size – Sometimes you don’t know if you might enjoy something until you take it for a test drive

Step 4 – Decide if it is really who you are – be true to who God created you to be

Is it possible that getting rid of all the “shoulds” in my marriage bed, is a little bit like having a relationship with God. Not living out of a need to try to be good or follow the rules, but falling hopelessly in love with Him. Trusting that when I let go of the control and worship Him in utter surrender, than I am at my best.

This week, get rid of the “shoulds” and understand what it is to love your husband with utter abandon. Your mission this week, is to initiate sex with your husband with a  passion that reveals how much you desire him and love him.





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