Live the Song – Kiss Me

Welcome to my new series Live the Song.

Each Thursday in 2015 we will focus on just a few verses from Song of Songs as we look for inspiration on how to create the kind of passion in marriage that God desires, and make a plan to put it into action. So here we go…

Solomon’s Song of Songs.


Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth—
    for your love is more delightful than wine.

It starts with a kiss… her passion for him started with a kiss. Not a peck on the cheek as he leaves for work, or a harried kiss as he enters into the chaos of home.  A mind numbing connection that makes you forget all the other junk that you are dealing with. A kiss that warms and relaxes you like a smooth glass of wine. It takes time, it takes disconnecting from distractions,  and it takes allowing yourself to receive. 

This week –

1. Have a make out session like you used to – that means clothes on, maybe in a car or on the couch. Just enjoy kissing for the sake of kissing.

2. Make a commitment to greet each other with a 15 second kiss every day this week.

3. Fall asleep lip to lip.

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