Song of Songs 1 :3-4


Pleasing is the fragrance of your perfumes;
    your name is like perfume poured out.
    No wonder the young women love you!
Take me away with you—let us hurry!
    Let the king bring me into his chambers.


Your name is “like perfume poured out.”

 I am taken to that final scene of the movie Pride and Prejudice during a very intimate moment when Mr Darcy asks his new wife Elizabeth,

“What shall I call you?”

She replies, “Lizzy for everyday. My pearl, for Sundays. and Goddess divine, but only on very special occasions.”

“And what shall I call you when I am cross?”, ” Mrs Darcy?”

“No, no. You may only call me Mrs Darcy when you are completely, perfectly and incandescently happy.”

He replies, “And how are you this evening, Mrs Darcy?” kiss, “Mrs Darcy.”, kiss, “Mrs Darcy”.


What an intimate thing. Our name, given to us at childbirth, spoken by the one who knows us most, with the affection and familiarity of a treasured blanket. What a powerful thing.

How many of us have at one time or another come to the shocking realization that we were barking orders to our spouse as if they were a child.  Have you listened to yourself lately? Does the tone of your voice  belittle, disrespect, or even worse  disdain? Does the tone of your voice speak impatience, or indifference. Does your spouse light up, or cower when they hear you speak their name?

This week –

1. Listen to yourself speak to your spouse and check your tone.

2. Speak your spouses name with tenderness and affection.

3. Brag on your spouse somewhere within ear shot of them.

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