LIVE THE SONG – His Fruit is Sweet

Song of Songs 1:17-2:3


17 The beams of our house are cedars;
    our rafters are firs.


2 I am a rose of Sharon,
    a lily of the valleys. 


Like a lily among thorns
    is my darling among the young women


Like an apple tree among the trees of the forest
    is my beloved among the young men.
I delight to sit in his shade,
    and his fruit is sweet to my taste.


Yeah baby! That’s what I’m talking about! Need I say more?

I guess we are going there….

Is his fruit sweet to your taste, or do you cringe at the thought of loving your husband in that way?

Oral Sex is one of THE MOST INTIMATE ways that you can love your husband and yet many women struggle with it.

Is it dirty? Is it wrong? Do I have to swallow?  Can I enjoy it, or should I just do it for him?

1. Is it dirty? Your mouth is filled with so much more bad bacteria than your husband’s penis. Take the simple step of both showering before sex and rest assured, there is nothing dirty about it.

2. Is it wrong? There is nowhere in the bible that says within marriage loving each other with our mouths is wrong. Why do you feel like it is wrong? Maybe Satan has twisted sex for you through portraying very intimate acts in disrespectful ways through pornography and media. Maybe we have allowed ourselves to participate in oral sex outside of marriage and we feel guilty and dirty. Maybe oral sex has been forced on us, and it has caused pain and walls of protection to be built. There are a lot of different reasons that oral sex can feel wrong to you, but you need to know that God desires more intimacy for your marriage and his desire is for you to experience an amazing freedom in your marriage bed. He is a God that can heal, that can forgive and that can redeem. Pray about it, talk to your spouse,  or talk to a counselor. Don’t miss out.

3. Do I have to swallow? Absolutely not. Incorporate your hands at the same time as your mouth, and when you need to transition to finishing him with your hands, he will hardly notice. Talk to your husband, you may need to figure out a signal initially, but with  time, you will learn to read his body.

4. Can I enjoy it, or should I just do it for him?  (If you are just going through the motions and hating every minute, resentment and bitterness will fill you, so just stop. Stop and go back to number 2 and figure out what the heck is going on) Knowing your husband through oral sex is one of the most intimate ways to know  him. You can feel him better with your mouth than with your hands or your vagina. You can see him and smell him and taste him. Can you even allow yourself to become aroused by loving your husband? (There is so much more to talk about, so watch for an article soon about the how to’s of giving great oral sex to your husband.)

Is his fruit sweet to your taste?

This Week – 

1. If you are someone that is uncomfortable with oral sex, pray about why you feel like this?

2. If you want to take some beginning steps to know your husband this way, just do some gentle kissing, touching and licking of his penis. Watch how it responds, how it moves, how it seeks you out.

3. If  you enjoy oral sex with your husband, try to learn something new about him by stretching him in ways that he has not experienced before. Maybe  a different pace, position, path, or lighting.

4. See how much you can allow your body to become aroused as you love your husband through oral sex. Place his hands on your breasts, straddle his leg, watch what is going on, or incorporate a bullet.

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  1. I have to say, this was one of the things that I always said I would NEVER do; I was so naive when I married that I was surprised to see what my husband’s genitalia looked like. After a couple of months of marriage, he asked if I would try OS and my immediate response was, ‘no’, but I didn’t think it was morally wrong, just unappetizing, so I did try it, just to please him. Well, to my surprise, I have come to like this so much that I am disappointed when our sessions do not include it! His excitement is so exciting to me and his appreciation is delightful to me. Also, it isn’t disgusting at all, though I don’t like the body fluids directly in my mouth and the hair is occasionally problematic.

    • Thank for sharing your experience of stretching for your husband and finding an unexpected delight on the other side.
      Yeah, the hair can be a challenge. A little trimming can do wonders.

  2. Very helpful post for the wife who is hesitant to perform oral sex. Many wives find once they try it that giving oral sex is really not so bad and many wives learn to enjoy it. Mental attitude is so very important in this area.

  3. Very helpful post for the wives who are hesitant to perform oral sex. Many wives find that once they give it a try oral sex is not bad at all. Many wives learn to enjoy it. Mental attitude is so very important in this area. Letting go of inhibitions helps a lot.

  4. Ruth, what a wonderful well written topic on the intimacy of Oral Sex. I will be purchasing your book on Amazon and share with my spouse.

  5. Ruth, amazing blog you have! Your wrote about “Learning to like giving your husband oral sex”. Could your write about the wife enjoying oral sex”? And tasting her fruit?

    • Just want to make sure I understand. Do you want an article to help women enjoy receiving oral sex, or an article to help men like giving oral sex to their wife.

  6. Is there any man on this planet that does not like giving Oral Sex? Is he breathing? LOL! So, yes how a woman can enjoy and desire it more! Thank you!

    • That’s what I thought. Just making sure.
      Actually yes, some wives have husbands that do not want to give them oral sex, so consider yourself blessed.

  7. Oh, I am just any ideas like you gave on the wife giving the husband but the husband giving the wife and finishing in the husbands mouth? She has a hard time getting the big O from OS or intercourse.

  8. My wife blesses me with os often and it is a big part of our lovemaking. I can say she does not do this for me but for us, she enjoys it and when she is not really int he mood this gets her in the mood rather quickly. Thank you Ruth for your blog and all the insight you provide to married couples, I often send her articles from you even though she gets them just to make sure she sees them. Keep up the great work!!

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