LIVE THE SONG – I am faint with love

Song of Songs 2:4-5


Let him lead me to the banquet hall,
    and let his banner over me be love.
5 Strengthen me with raisins,
    refresh me with apples,
    for I am faint with love.

How many of us are faint with love, or are we instead exhausted with life?

When I first met my husband, I remember the anticipation of his lips touching mine. I remember the sweetness of his taste and the weightlessness when he took me into his arms. I was faint with love. 

But is it realistic to expect that his touch would continue to thrill me, or that his eyes could still make my heart pound? Isn’t marriage supposed to get comfortable and worn like a favorite pair of slippers? Certainly most marriages look like there is no spark left, and they are just happy to get through the day.

A lot of people might disagree, but I think our spouse is supposed to thrill us for our entire life. Proverbs 5:18-19  says  May your fountain be blessed, and may you rejoice in the wife of your youth. A loving doe, a graceful deer – may her breasts satisfy you always, may you ever be captivated by her love.

It is not supposed to get boring. We are to be captivated always… So what happens?

Kids…jobs….computer….health issues….ministry….tv….. iphones… worries…….LIFE

I think that great sex is one of the ways that we escape LIFE together. If you can shut your brain off from thinking about the next load of laundry, and trust God to get your body going, then you can go somewhere with your husband that is so intimate and holy. Great sex makes memories that are between just the two of us. Great sex is looking into each others eyes and seeing into depths of their soul. Great sex is an endless journey of mapping each others bodies. Great sex is what keeps the spark alive even through the business of kids, job loss, working too many hours and disagreements. It makes a mediocre marriage good, and a good marriage great.

This week – 

1. Spend some time with your spouse remembering your first day and your first kiss. For extra credit re enact your first date.

2. In honor of being strengthened with raisins and refreshed with apples, incorporate some food into your marriage bed… maybe whipped cream, strawberries, chocolate sauce… whatever works.

3. Flirt with your spouse from across the room with your eyes and see if you can catch their attention.

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