thumbSometimes a woman needs just a little something extra but doesn’t exactly know what. Intercourse feels sooo good, but we are just not quite there. A thumb might be just the trick.

When you are having intercourse in the Woman on Top position, your husband resting his thumb against your clitoris or just below may provide just the little bit of tension or awareness that you need.

Sometimes our husbands can feel us better through stillness. It is like when you try to feel a pulse or hear a heartbeat. It is a focused attention that happens through stillness and connection and it is what we crave. It ties back into God’s design of getting to “know” each other through sex. When our husbands really feel  us it puts us over the top.

Make sure that there is lubrication between his thumb and your skin – either your own, or coconut oil, or whatever you choose. The lubrication melds the two of you together, like the conductivity gel used during an ultrasound.

Be sure his nails are clipped short and smooth and that he uses the pad of his thumb. Help him find just the right spot by simply moving his hand there – it may be surprisingly close to where his penis enters you. Have him use just enough pressure to gently stay with your skin.

His thumb may stretch your tissue just a little tighter to heighten sensations, or it may stretch and pull your skin with your movement during intercourse. Either way, it is all good.

When things really ramp he can just continue to keep his thumb still, or he may find just a slight sideways motion with his thumb massages you into the stratosphere.

So if you need just a little something – try the magic thumb.Ruth Buezis

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