Wanted: A Man’s Perspective

The church is filled with studies to help men navigate a world that is saturated with sex and keep their eyes pure. Are there any studies to help husbands be intimate with their wife? Media and pornography are streaming images that portray techniques that work for men only. Sex is portrayed as a physical need and real intimacy, as God intended it to be, is absent. There are few messages about God’s design for sex. I believe the church needs to get involved in helping men know how to connect and love their wives in very tangible ways.

It makes absolutely no sense to me, but in the last six months, Melanie and I felt like God has made it abundantly clear that we are supposed to design a men’s Awaken-Love curriculum to parallel the women’s curriculum. Wives have repeatedly asked if there is a class for their husband, so that they could both grow in understanding God’s design for sex. Husbands at couples classes have expressed a lack of education by the church and a desire for a class similar to their wives’. There are few good resources available to Christian men about even the nuts and bolts of how their wife’s body works. So out of obedience, we are moving forward in putting together a men’s curriculum and trusting that God will provide male teachers.

We have been collaborating with a male Pastor, seeking input from husbands of wives who have taken the Awaken-Love class, and would love to have your input, too. Here are some basic questions to get you started:

  1. What would you want to have addressed in a men’s class?
  2. What are some challenges in the area of intimacy or sex with your wife that a class might help with?
  3. How many weeks would you go to a class that addressed this topic?

You are welcome to leave a comment or contact us to share your thoughts.  We look forward to seeing what God does with this.

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  1. I would like to affirm you in your pursuit of a curriculum and teaching materials for men! There are a few good ones on the Internet or available to be taught like you teach yours? I have found your material to be of the best available for women and there’s lots that men can learn. But in a teaching for San men’s accountability groups would be a great help in Men understanding their sexuality.

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