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Ruth and I’s interview on Missions Radio has been moved to Thursday, January 21st at 10am CST.  You can go to the stations’s website to listen in or download the Live365 app on your phone and tune in to the Missions Radio channel.  We are really excited for the opportunity to share what God has done in our lives and this ministry and what an amazing gift He designed sex to be within marriage.    


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  1. Oh no! I will be at work during the broadcast?. Will I be able to access it at another time?

    Looking forward to hearing both of you,

    Stacey Welman 612-207-6582

    • Stacey, the live interview will be recorded and then available as a podcast on iTunes. We’ll post the podcast on our website once we get a copy of it as well. So glad you are interested in listening in!

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