Take Her to The Wall

Most women secretly crave a husband that leads confidently enough to take her –

and against the wall is probably one of the most passionate positions to do it.

In order for a couple to enjoy this position, there must be established trust. A husband must be so in tune with his wife that he actually knows when and how. Women have this romantic notion that being taken is going to be the hottest thing ever. But when it comes right down to it, we are control freaks and many of us are not very good at handling surprises. It is not fair to expect our husbands to do this without helping them out. If they have been sensitive to us at all, they may be erring on the side of being, kind, considerate, and using lots of foreplay . That does not really jive with”being taken.”


You might need to start with some discussions –  very specific discussions –  with your husband in advance. In fact, it might even take multiple conversations to convince him of what you want and to tune him into what might be the right scenario to go for it. Talk to him about where it might take place, what might lead up to it, how he would start,  how he would kiss you, what he would do to you, and how he would hold you. You might say something like,

“When we go out on a date, and I am really dressed up, and we’ve been looking at each other all night, I could tease you all night until you felt like you could not keep your hands off of me. At the restaurant, we could freshen up, right before we left for home and then as soon as we got home, you could …..”

Keep talking about it and giving him more ideas. Maybe even let him know what would be uncomfortable or make you too nervous to enjoy it.

Set it Up

When you feel like he understands and actually believes what you want, he might make it happen –  or –  you might need to set up the ideal precursors. Spend all day teasing him with your eyes and your body. Really flirt it up, and make sure that he knows tonight is the night. Build him up and make him feel like a man. Get his motor revving and get yours juices  flowing.  Think about the right outfit to wear – from your bra and panties to the buttons on your top, to the skirt that provides access, to the heels that put you at the right height.


Up against a wall provides a stable place for him to really press into you and hold you and kiss you like he means it. So much of this position is about attitude. His and yours. He cannot have a shred of doubt, hesitation or timidness, as he loves you without caution. He has to kiss you like he really means it and he has have to move with sureness. He has to stop thinking so much and feel.

In order for a wife to enjoy Take Her to The Wall, she must trust her husband fully. She must know that he will not hurt or embarrass her and that this is not about using her. Take Her to The Wall  is about enjoying each other with abandon.

Take Her to The Wall happens as soon as an opportunity presents itself – not after the dishes have been done, or the bedtime rituals are complete – live on the wild side. Shedding minimal clothes creates an erotic mood for passion. He can warm her up with his hands or his mouth, and don’t skimp on this – maker her wait. When he decides to finish, lots of eye contact, give her time to feel him inside of her, create tension with  slow intentional movement, and take advantage of the wall to create a sense of strength. Just the passion and eroticism  of an encounter might take you to places you have not gone before so be open to feeling new things. Let loose and enjoy each other. You only live once.


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  1. Do you have any suggestions for when the man is much taller than the woman? We struggle with upright positions due to our height difference. But it sounds fun!

  2. Thank you for posting this! As I’ve posted in the past, I am most inclined towards more aggressive forms of sex and “being taken”, and I just love the fact you’ve addressed it here. Whether up against a wall, doggy style (which is my favorite), or another position, I love this form of passion. Thank you.

    • You are welcome. With mutual trust and respect, God gives us the freedom to express ourselves in a wide range of emotions – including passion. Blessings to you and your marriage.

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