Increasing Flexibility

I have my chair, my Bible, and my journal in my special spot. This is my quiet space.  It is where I faithfully go to pour out myself and be refilled by God. Even though I experience God throughout the day, this is the bread and butter. This is what “counts.”

In the Awaken-Love class, we talk about not getting into a routine with our husband. We don’t want to paint ourselves into a corner of only physically responding to one type of touch or having only one path to orgasm. We want to explore, discover and increase flexibility so that we share more and more of ourselves with our husband. In class, we also talk about the parallel of intimacy in our marriage and intimacy in our relationship with God.

“For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.” This is a profound mystery—but I am talking about Christ and the church.  – Ephesians 5:31-32

Perhaps these two thoughts seem disjointed at first, but they led to a light bulb moment for me. If my ability to receive from and respond to my husband’s love is important, then isn’t increasing my flexibility in being intimately connected to God a priority, too?

In the past, when we’ve traveled or life has gotten chaotic and my quiet time has fallen by the wayside, I’ve struggled to maintain an intimate connection with God. I know how He feels about me hasn’t changed, and He is omnipresent, but I feel different. I try to re-create my quiet space wherever we are or take in those “God moments” in the hustle and bustle, but it wears thin quickly. There’s something about writing it down in my journal that is meaningful to me. Until recently, it never occurred to me that this was an issue that could and should be addressed. I needed to grow in flexibility in my relationship with God.

Sitting Bull FallsSo, this summer, I have challenged myself to meet God in deep ways outside of my special quiet spot…whether I am at home or traveling. I’ve been spending more time in nature marveling at God’s creation. I’ve been singing praises in my head and out loud – songs that I’ve learned and songs that I’ve made up. I’ve been quickly praying asking the Holy Spirit for wisdom in the moment as I interact with others. I’ve been avoiding writing down insights that come to me in the mundane moments of life and instead stopping to thank God for the new understanding and trusting Him to imprint it on my soul rather than the pages of my journal.

Though I don’t have a magical formula to share, I’ve observed that as I’ve relied less on that staple quiet spot, I’ve been able to embrace other means of connecting with My Father more deeply. All of these connection points are things that I did before, but I linger in them longer now. I am nourished by them more than before. As a result, things are happening that never make it into my journal – it is liberating as I am living freely. I am embracing intimacy wherever and whenever I find God and He reaches out to me.

We recently returned from a fun 1,200 mile road trip and I had neither my quiet spot (or any quiet spot for that matter), nor did I write in my journal. Nothing. Yet, I was intimately connected to God during the trip and I returned home not longing to get into my special quiet spot, but instead feeling grateful that I am well nourished by Him.

I’m thankful God opened my eyes to yet another parallel between my marriage and my relationship with Him. I know that I will grow in flexibility in connecting with my husband as a result of this new flexibility with God, too.

What new ways have you discovered to connect with God?


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  1. There’s so much truth in working to live and experience the present. It sounds hippie-dippy, but I completely relate — did the same thing with a camera. I’ve started leaving it behind and simply enjoying the moment. So much more peace; a much fuller life, and growing closer to God.

    BTW, this is simply one of the best places on the web — you two are rather amazing.

    • G –
      I agree. It takes practice, but learning to be present in all relationships – whether sitting quietly with God, pausing my chores to give my kids eye contact as they talk to me or having all my thoughts and affections turned toward my husband when we are together – leads to a much richer life. I think it also grows my trust in God as I more readily recognize His provision and trust Him to fill in the gaps instead of racing around to finish all of my to-do’s.
      Thanks for the encouragement! Keep enjoying the moment!

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