Prayer and the Awaken-Love Video Class

IMG_4801Last May, as Ruth and I filmed the Awaken-Love Video Class, we asked for your prayers. As we filmed, it was obvious that every detail was prepared by God and bathed in prayer. The equipment ran smoothly, we got through all the takes needed in our tight schedule, and we were clearly hearing from God as we prayed throughout the day. However, I have to admit that I went into the process a bit naïve. As silly as it sounds, I expected that once we walked into the room that became our studio that there would be an overwhelming peace. Maybe even an angelic choir singing as we entered the doorway. I considered that studio holy ground (and even filmed with my shoes off.)

That studio was indeed a holy place where God’s Spirit worked through two ordinary women to share truth about sex and intimacy. But the battle was afoot.

I was constantly redirecting my thoughts and repenting, asking God to use us for His glory despite our weakness and fighting off insecurities, expectations and doubts. There was a strange dichotomy – feeling as if in battle in my mind as I physically sat and calmly spoke to the camera. Despite the struggle, Ruth and I never doubted that our victory was assured in Christ. My friends, that was the very hope that fueled our perseverance.  Remember:

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. – Ephesians 6:12

When we finished filming, we were spent, but we were done! We could be grateful for God’s provision and rest as our videographer took the Video Class to the finish line. While he worked, we created a new website that will launch with the Video Class. The new website will offer additional resources for both live and video class participants and eliminate the current geographical limitations on the Awaken-Love class.  We are so eager to share it with you.

However, the post-production portion of our Video Class development has been slow. Much slower than we ever expected due to circumstances beyond our control. Beyond our control – we can’t move. It has challenged Ruth and me. We’ve had to practice waiting, contented in our Father’s perfect timing that definitely does not look like our own timing in this case. We’ve found ourselves frustrated as days that we thought the class would be available already tick by. But we’ve also been emboldened in the truth that this Video Class is not ours, but it is God’s. Not only is it His, but it’s solely for His glory, and therefore the timing, formatting and every other detail are according to His will, not ours. We are keeping our palms open and walking at His pace as we trust that God will finish what He started.

We’ve seen some of the finished footage and the content has blown us away. (And that’s not tooting our own horn…it’s what God has done.) We are standing on God’s truth and pointing to Him in all of the lessons that we have viewed so far.  As painful as it is to watch ourselves on video, to relive those occasional deep breaths and long pauses and to see our quirks with our own eyes, we can’t wait for the Video Class to be available. The closer we get to the finish line, the stronger the enemy’s attack. It is obvious that he doesn’t want God’s Truth about sex within marriage to be known – how powerfully good it is and how it draws us closer to Him.

We have been fortunate to have many praying for the Video Class behind the scenes, but feel that it’s time to bolster that. Will you pray for the completion of the Video Class?

  • That all obstacles to completion are removed.
  • That our videographer is inspired by God and given blocks of time to finish his work.
  • That all technological aspects go smoothly.
  • That anything not of God is unbound and uprooted from the project.
  • That the timing for completing the project is in step with God’s will.
  • That everyone involved stands firm in Christ.
  • That the final videos are solely for God’s glory.

Feel free to add anything else that God lays on your heart.  This Video Class was not started in our own timing, our own provision or our own strength. It will not be finished that way either. Truly, God is writing a bigger story than just some videos being completed. This is a spiritual battle and we need you to stand firm with us! Will you please pray?


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  1. Melanie, Will be praying. These same types of delays happened with Care Net’s new initiative class called Making Life Disciples. But now it is out & Austin LifeCare will be working on sharing this with churches very soon! I know everything will come together for you all in Gods perfect timing.

    • Thanks for the prayers and encouragement Kristi! I look forward to learning more about the Making Life Disciples class as it gets around Austin.

  2. Praying. What an exciting time, and continue to have peace in the delays. God has his handiwork all over this. Bravo for listening and acting.

  3. Yes I will. I am. It’s so important that godly marriage, exciting, thrilling marriage is championed. I don’t know many people who have that sort of marriage. God bless you. A video ministry sounds amazing. Keep going!

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