Trash to Treasured Memory

I’m all for using things until they lose their function.  My husband and I drive our cars until they can go no more.  We have a bin full of “stuff” that our kids can repurpose for craft projects.  However, sometimes you just have to throw something away.

At least that is what I was thinking the other day when I noticed an old pair of panties that were too worn out to really do their job anymore.  As I walked to throw them in the trash can, the thought that I should save them for some playtime stopped me in my tracks.  So, I set them aside.

Later that evening, while cooking dinner with my husband,  I started sharing about that pair of panties that were at the end of their usable life. With urgency, he interrupted, “You didn’t throw them away did you?” I assured him that I did not, to which he replied with a sly smile, “Good, I have plans for those.”  I asked him to describe the scenarios in which this “trash” could be repurposed. It made for a fun conversation.

So before you throw out that old shirt that is just too threadbare to wear anymore, those snagged hose or that hole ridden underwear, consider whether you can creatively and playfully turn that trash into a treasured memory before it hits the curb.

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