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Tired of the world’s lies about sex? God created sex as an amazing gift for both husbands and wives, but real intimacy doesn’t come easily.

Biblically based live or video classes for wives, husbands or engaged couples will provide real answers and help you discover God’s design for sex.

Ruth writes from her own experiences and from the stories she encounters while teaching, to inspire you towards your own growth of marital intimacy.

In her engaging style, Ruth will challenge you to think beyond what you’ve been told, infuse you with hope, and spark an appetite to create real intimacy.


After years of buying into the same old messages about sex, Ruth went searching for God’s truth and discovered something radically different. By sharing her own journey to sexual freedom and the stories of the women she’s taught, you will come away with a new mindset about sex and a deep-seated belief that God designed each of us unique, special – and created for delights.

Claim God’s Design for Intimacy and Share the Truth with Others.

At Awaken-Love you will find respectful conversations, authentic stories, real answers and God’s truth. Transform your marriage and become part of the grass roots movement to take sex back from the world.


Setting the Mood with Foreign Music

Music can be a great way to set the mood for sex. From the crazy, I don’t give a ______ attitude of rock and roll, to the smooth tunes of Jazz. Music can transport us to other places and different attitudes in a second. It provides a beat and a pace that we can move […]

How Valuable is Great Sex to You?

Recently a woman that facilitated the video class remarked that I really ought to consider raising the price of the class. She was a professional online class developer and felt shocked at how good the class was for the cost. The resources provided, the teaching and the transformation that she witnessed seemed worth a lot […]

Learning to Like Giving Your Husband Oral Sex

Most men love to receive oral sex, but many wives struggle to enjoy giving it. A penis can feel scary and foreign up close. Oral sex can also feel dirty because of past experiences or messages we’ve received. Though we are all very different, I would challenge you that oral sex can be a very […]