Oral Sex for Your Wife at The Edge of the Bed

Edge of the Bed is a great oral sex position for your wife and will provide a great view for you. The position provides great access to all areas of her body without putting a crick in your neck. While your mouth and tongue work their magic, take advantage or using your hands. You can explore her breasts, stroke her thighs, or even engage her G-Spot. Change things up and check out a new way to treat your wife.

The Plan

On a night that she feels confident enough to let you treat her, warm the room and set up soft lighting in anticipation of a great view. Warm her up through gentle touching, kissing and connecting with her eye to eye. Cover her body and let her know that you’re in charge and you’ve got a treat for her.

As she lays on her back, gently slide her towards the edge of the bed until her butt sits right at the edge. Grab some pillows for under your knees and make yourself comfortable. She can support her feet on the side board of the bed, rest them on you,  or pull up her knees. Don’t forget my guide on oral sex , for more details and ideas. Take your time. Don’t forget to balance movement with stillness to allow her body to awaken and ache. As she engages more, you engage more. Stay in tune to where she is, and every once in a while, enjoy the view. Try using the Edge of the Bed.


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    • mm

      I would encourage you to think about why you want to use this position with your wife. Would it be more comfortable for your neck? Provide better access to her body? Provide you with a stunning view? Free up your hands? And then lovingly tell her why you want to and ask if she would reconsider. Make sure that she knows you will absolutely respect her choice, without pouting of feeling put out.

    • I can feel your pain. As a woman I have thought the same as your wife. The problem is she is misguided in her thinking and beliefs surrounding sex. She believes this for probably a few reasons. The goal for both of you is to find out why. This might be a tough conversation but truly necessary to have. Married sex is so beautiful and the boundaries are only limited by what you believe. And it looks like your wife needs to have the truth of what God has designed, allowed, and even honoured in the marriage bed. So pray for her that she would allow you to talk about it and then be open to learning. But remember change always takes time and patience.

      • Husband of 1, Dad of 4

        Thank you Rachel, l am truly being patient and trying to be undersranding. I pray for our marriage bed and for her everyday. Thanks for the encougement!

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