Drink Your Fill – Don’t Hold Back

Song of Songs  5:1

Eat, friends, and drink;
    drink your fill of love.

Drink your fill

It is their wedding night. He has wooed her with his words until she can’t stand it anymore and cries out for him to consummate their wedding. They have become one and  then there is this refrain

Eat, friends and drink:

     drink your fill of love.

Many scholars believe this is God himself, rejoicing and encouraging them to drink up – to the point of intoxication. Don’t hold back, have more. Don’t hold back, fill your self.

How many of us hold back because we are scared? Do we hold back because we are afraid of how powerful sex is? How many of us hold back because we are afraid to totally lose control? What if my spouse really sees me, would they still love me? How many of us hold back because we are not quite sure that God would really want us to enjoy sex? To enjoy sex this much?

But God says, “drink your fill”.

I cannot think of anywhere else in the bible that God tells you to “drink your fill”.

In this amazing thing called marriage, we experience a tiny taste of the intimacy that God desires with us. Our sex life with our husband is this playground that he gives us to play in while God is watching and saying to us, “This is only a taste of what I have for you. The freedom you experience in nakedness, the joy of seeing into each other, the unconditional love – it is nothing compared to what I have for you. Keep playing. See what you can discover because there is always more. Find refuge in each other, refresh each other, revel in each other. It is only a taste of what I have for you.”

Put It Into Action

  1. During sex make a conscious effort to experience the presence of the Lord and revel in what He has for you.
  2. Spend some time thinking and praying about whether you hold yourself back from enjoying all that God has for you in your marriage bed. Ask God to reveal  why and take some steps towards healing. Pray, talk to a Godly friend or your husband,  or make an appointment with a counselor.


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  1. Just astounding. Thank you Ruth. I really hope a lot of people are reading this if only to realise how much God has in store for us.
    I started making notes from this post and ending up writing virtually the whole thing.
    Thank you. This is very nourishing and inspiring for me especially and hopefully for many others.

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