Classes 2018

It’s Time to Learn God’s Truth

While the world corrupts sex through media, cultural messages, and pornography, the church has largely remained silent.

Awaken-Love classes will help you understand the challenges men and women face in creating real intimacy. As we discover God’s truth we can dispel the lies from the world and begin healing from the baggage that holds us back. Respectful education coupled with skills to talk about sex will equip you moving forward. Integrating God and sex, will transform your marriage and you will discover freedom.

Discover Freedom

“We tried something new the other night that I’ve literally never done with anyone else, even with all my mistakes. It felt AMAZING and I felt NO GUILT after”.

Biblically based Awaken-Love classes will provide real answers for everything from God’s design, to how your body works. With care and respect, we create a safe environment to share and grow. Though video classes can be taken on their own, we encourage you to invite a friend on this journey. Learning to talk about sex will not only provide healing but will provide an amazing avenue to create excitement.

Start talking

“We started really talking. It was terrifying and exhilarating, but most of all freeing.”

Whether you are newlyweds, raising kids, or an empty nester this class is for you. If you feel like you have sex all figured out, then maybe God is calling you to invite a friend.