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Awaken Love

Engaged Edition

Few of us received good messages from our parents or church about sex and the awkward talks about the topic conveyed as much as words. Though we might joke about sex, we rarely talk about it in good and respectful ways or with enough detail to help. One of the top 2 reasons for divorce is conflicts around sexual intimacy.

Classes for Engaged Couples Coming Soon

The Engaged Edition will provide a foundation by providing biblical truth about sex in marriage. But sex is a journey, so more than anything else, we want to equip you to start talking about sex with your future spouse.

Deeper Emotional Connection

“Class helped a lot with communication and created a deeper emotional connection. I learned sex is a journey and not a destination.”

Whether you are newlyweds, raising kids, or an empty nester this class is for you. If you feel like you have sex all figured out, then maybe God is calling you to invite a friend.