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Welcome to Awaken-Love.
I am so glad you are here!

We are a community of believers, tired of the world’s lies about sex. God created sex as an amazing gift for both husbands and wives in order to strengthen marriages and to help us understand the depth of intimacy He wants with us. We can experience healing, freedom and lasting intimacy as we uncover His design for sex. At Awaken-Love you will find respectful conversations intertwined with authentic stories of struggle and God’s transformation. We offer resources with just enough detail to help you create the intimacy you want. Transform your marriage and become part of the grass roots movement to take sex back from the world.


Biblically based live or video classes for wives, husbands or engaged couples will help you uncover God’s design for marital intimacy. We’ll learn what God intended for sex, what’s keeping you from stepping into freedom, how to communicate and some basic biology. Together with a like-minded supportive group you’ll learn you’re not alone trying to navigate the ins and outs of intimacy within your marriage. Isn’t it time for you to discover the intimacy God wants for you?


Authentic and real conversations about sex in marriage will inspire you towards continued growth. Ruth writes from her own experiences but also from the stories she encounters while teaching classes. Filtered through God’s design for sex, topics include the challenges men and women face, fun creative ideas, respectfully written detailed techniques, and how to impact our world with the truth about sex.


Ruth speaks with women’s groups, or couples, and sparks your appetite to create a marriage that makes your kids think, “I want that!” Different than the same old message of “do it for your husband”, people often comment afterwards, “I have never heard anyone speak about sex like that before.” Ruth’s authentic stories of transformation will infuse your heart with God’s hope and inspire real intimacy.


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