Husband Classes

Awaken Love

Men’s Edition

Though the church offers many resources for men in their battle for purity, few resources exist to help husbands create the amazing sex life that God wants for their marriage. The cultural lie that men will know how to please their wife sets husbands up for failure and leaves them feeling confused and frustrated as they try to love a very complicated wife. Join Ruth and her husband Jim for the 6-week Men’s Edition as we help you understand your wife’s challenges and discover God’s design for intimacy in marriage.

Classes for Husbands Coming Soon

In the Men’s Edition, Ruth will give you the inside scoop on how to understand your wife. But more than that, Ruth and Jim will help you redefine sex using God’s word. Sign-up below to stay in the loop and we will let you know once classes begin.

Much More Open

“I never thought about how much negativity there was in the church about sex. We are much more open now, and not writing stuff off as evil because of how we were taught.”

Whether you are newlyweds, raising kids, or an empty nester this class is for you. If you feel like you have sex all figured out, then maybe God is calling you to invite a friend.