Keeping Sex Fresh – Ideas to Add Some Spice

Song of Songs 1:16-2:1

How handsome you are, my beloved!
    Oh, how charming!
    And our bed is verdant

The beams of our house are cedars;
    our rafters are firs.

 I am a rose of Sharon,
    a lily of the valleys. 

Our bed is verdant?

I wonder what that means

ver·dant – adjective –  (of countryside) green with grass or other rich vegetation – synonyms – green, leafy, luxuriant, overgrown, lush

So we are to have a bed that is covered in fresh grass. Makes perfect sense to me!

We are to have a bed that is growing, that has not turned to weeds, that is freshly watered, and living.

10 ideas to Keep Your Sex Life Fresh.

  1. Have sex with soft lights on and as much eye to eye contact as you can possibly stand.
  2. Take charge and see how long you can keep your husbands peaches ripe before he finishes.
  3. Have sex in the middle of the day.
  4. Ask your husband to blindfold you and trust him to take you somewhere as you let go of the control.
  5. Use your words to seduce your husband. In the morning, whisper in his ear explicitly what you would like him to do to you that night, or text him during the day.
  6. Wear a new outfit to bed and reveal it seductively.
  7. Spend a night sleeping skin to skin, lip to lip, with absolutely no agenda.
  8. If you’ve never used a toy in bed, give it a try. If you always use a toy, leave it aside and explore each other in a fresh way.
  9. Play some music that will set the tone for the night.
  10. In some small way talk to each other during sex to make contact