Keeping the Creativity Going

The other night during the Awaken-Love Men’s Edition class we were talking about battling the lie that “Sex within marriage is boring.” I was sharing that I believe women are amazingly creative in the bedroom. In Song of Songs 7:11-12, she plans an outdoor rendezvous for the two of them to enjoy. They go to the vineyards early, before anyone else is there, and have sex outside.

Naturally, the men were eager to convey that they had no problem if their wife wanted to plan an outdoor adventure – or anything else that was creative. And then the question came up,

“If my wife is naturally creative, how do I get her to tap into her creativity?”

I have to be honest, beyond the obvious answers of creating a safe place and affirming the creative things that she does, I didn’t have much of an answer. So I have been chewing on it all week, and I have an idea…