Over the last year, I feel like God has continued to prompt me to do something – anything – about pornography. What this next generation – my daughters generation – faces is like nothing we have ever seen before. The advent of smart phones and the endless supply of twisted material available to younger and younger kids can warp a child’s sense of sex and intimacy before they are even old enough to date. Wives are left feeling betrayed, unable to measure up and terribly alone as their husbands struggle to regain control over their lives. Some wives give up and decide to join in as they look to porn to add excitement to their sex life rather than intimately reveal their own desires.

So I keep knocking on the door of my pastors.

What are we going to do?

Do you realize how big this problem is and how big it is going to be?

How can we extend grace and mercy to those that are in bondage?

How can we support the wives that are completely alone?

This is not a problem for just those that are struggling, but for all of us. It affects our daughters, our sons, our grandchildren and our friends. It changes the fabric of our society and how this awesome gift of sex is viewed. It changes how men view and treat women. It will not just go away and no one else will fix it. We must all be part of the solution….