“Why Only ONE?”

The question came from a husband that was honest enough to admit purity was a struggle but

desired to honor and love his wife by arming for the battle.

The world tells us that you can have sex with as many people as you want and it doesn’t matter. Sex is just a physical pleasure that is to be consumed until it loses excitement and then you move on to the next conquest. If you do get married, then looking at others or using them in your mind to provide arousal is no big deal.  And pornography tells us if sex with one person doesn’t do it for you, then why not try a threesome? You can find articles detailing ground rules and ideas on how to find the third party. And if a threesome… why not a foursome, fivesome – or a free for all. All messages that convey, “Why Only One?”

So beyond the obvious answer of God designed marriage to be one man and one woman, “Why Only One?”