Last week I wrote about Rear Entry positions and I want to do a follow up. I learned something along the way that I think deserves its own article. We can train our body to enjoy another position.

A Process

Learning to enjoy rear entry positions has been a process for me. Part of it has been learning to trust my husband and know that he is not just using me. We have also learned to make the position more pleasurable for me with added stimulation or movement and angle changes. I have also learned to embrace my own eroticism and what a position like doggie position can communicate. But fairly recently I stumbled on something that changed things a lot more than I thought it would.



Recently I received a special request to write an article on vaginal intercourse rear entry positions so I am going to give it a whirl.

Rear entry used to be my least favorite position, but a lot of things have changed. So let me shed some light on some of the challenges of this position for women, adaptions that can make it more enjoyable, and why eventually it might be awesome.


Anybody that has ever seen animals mate has the position of rear entry burned into their mind. This is the position that animals use when the male decides to do his thing. There is no foreplay, no kissing, no connection. He just does it. It is hard not to associate rear entry with being used and animalistic behavior.

Some wives may assume that if a husband wants to try rear entry, it is because he does not want to see her. That he is simply using her body as a receptacle.  Just because you are not face to face does not mean that you cannot create a powerful connection.