He is My Shield

shield3Typically, rear entry vaginal intercourse is perceived to be very powerful.  There may be times that a wife just wants to feel her husband’s strength, but there is also a softer side to rear entry positions.  At a time of insecurity, when a wife may struggle to open up and confidently share herself, her husband can gently and lovingly reassure her of the safety of their marriage bed through his words, skin to skin connection and rear entry vaginal intercourse.

With the wife on her stomach and her knees drawn up underneath her – similar to a frog – her husband can mimic her position while draping his body over hers. The vast skin to skin contact can be an assurance; he is her shield.  His hands are free to roam as he envelops her inside and out.  He can use his hand, she can use her hand or a small vibe can be used to add clitoral stimulation.  He can kiss her neck and whisper affirmations in her ear. She can also respond to his thrusting by creating resistance or swaying her hips.

The connection in this froggy style position creates a place of security for the wife to open up, to be reminded of her husband’s love, while not demanding a lot of physical exposure until she is ready.  It also gives a husband a great view of his wife’s backside.  The husband can work a relaxing back rub for his wife into the foreplay to intensify the level of relaxation and trust that this position offers as well.



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