While the world corrupts sex through media, cultural messages, and pornography, the church has largely remained silent.

It's time to learn God's truth

Create an amazing sex life in your marriage, filled with discovery, freedom and real intimacy.

Take a Video Class on Your Own or Invite Some Friends!

Awaken-Love classes will help you dispel the lies about sex, heal from past experiences, understand God’s design and learn to truly connect during sex. Respectful education about how your bodies work, coupled with skills to talk about sex will equip you moving forward. Rather than just focus on mechanics, you will discover the power of connection to create real intimacy.

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Every Class is:

  • Grounded in God’s Truth
  • Cultivates Communication about Sex
  • Leads to Healing and Wholeness
  • Provides Respectful Answers about Mechanics
  • Focuses on Connection and Intimacy
  • Packed with Application to Help You Grow

It’s unreal to think how your class has equipped me to forgive and process the baggage that we both have dragged in from our past experiences. Your class has helped us strengthen our bond through true and passionate intimacy with each other.

Biblically based Awaken-Love classes are available both online using videos and in person. With care and respect, we create a safe environment to share and grow. Though video classes can be taken on their own, we encourage you to invite a friend on this journey. Learning to talk about sex will not only provide healing but help you create the intimacy you want in your marriage.

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Whether you are newlyweds just trying to figure things out, or experts looking to reignite passion, God has the answers. If one of you struggles with porn or your marriage feels strong, God has more for you. Don’t settle for surviving, God wants your sex life to refresh your soul and make your relationship flourish.

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