Sensuous Shadows

Ruth and I are members of The Christian Marriage Bloggers Association, and this month we have been challenged to write a post based on this fun photo by Kate Aldrich Photography of the One Flesh Marriage blog.

As soon as I saw the picture, this memory popped into my head.

Quite a long time ago, my husband, sons and I spent the evening in a hotel while traveling. The room was set up where the bathroom sink area opened to the room. As a result, I hung a bed sheet between the sleeping area and the sink so that I could discreetly shower while my sons were sleeping.

This seemed to be an ordinary experience. I showered, dried off and applied everything needed to regain the precious hydration equilibrium that my senses demand. In contrast, it was an out of the ordinary experience for my husband. It never occurred to me that the bathroom light behind the bed sheet created a perfect shadow show for my husband who was resting in the second bed.  Despite my surprise, it worked out well – I was clean and I had a happy husband.

Shadows offer you a softened glimpse of whatever is blocking the light. They can create a mystique – exaggerating shapes and dimensions. They can be sensuous – creating just enough of a covering that we stretch outside of our comfort zone. Often our husbands are just as aroused by what they can almost see than what they can clearly see. I challenge you to creatively think about how you can use shadows to entice your husband.


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  1. Yes! I once turned on the flashlight on my phone and placed that on the nightstand next to us, casting my shadow on the wall during sex. Hubby LOVED it. And actually I kind of liked it too. It was mostly in my peripheral vision, but something about seeing without really seeing us was arousinng.

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