Seeing Through New Lenses

My son’s glasses prescription changed, so we needed to get him new lenses. He and I both sighed at the thought of going to the mall…in December! Neither of us are big shoppers, but the promise of french fries in the food court while we waited for his glasses won him over.

As we sat, killing time and dipping fries, I took in the great variety of people at the mall on a Monday afternoon – young moms with strollers, elderly couples sharing a bite to eat, middle-aged men carrying shopping bags from ladies’ stores, and a group of young disabled men and women arm in arm with their caretakers. Each person was dressed differently, no two hairstyles were alike, the gait and pace of everyone’s step varied, and none of them had the same body shape.  Their individual uniqueness was apparent.

In that moment, this thought pressed into my mind – they are all beautiful because they all are made in God’s image and reflect Who He is. This diverse group of people milling around is honestly cause for celebration as we rejoice in God’s creativity and grandeur. He is not like us, but He lovingly makes us like Him.

The walk back to the eye glasses store was a sharp contrast to this joyful thought in my head.  The displays in the store windows – one after the other – implied that one body shape was preferable and that provocative cuts are in vogue. The dressed mannequins reinforced the lie that we need to be one size and shape and that our style goal should be a very worldly definition of sexy.  What a discouragement!

Our body image can make a big impact in the bedroom.  If we compare ourselves to magazine covers, then we can’t measure up and are left feeling inadequate. Conversely, if we see ourselves through God’s eyes, then we can confidently share our body – His amazing creation – with our spouse.  That’s where we cheer for godly definitions of provocative and sexy!

We can’t live up to the world’s standards, nor should we want to. The world’s narrow definition of beauty squashes God’s immense creativity. The standard the world inundates us with will change and eventually fade away, but the alluring elegance that God puts in each of us is unchanging and eternal. While the world orders us to assimilate, God beckons us to fully embrace the captivating beauty that He created in each and every one of us. Let’s make sure we have on the right lenses to see the truth of His image in us and the artistry in which He made us!

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