Correction to Steamy Hot

I made a mistake on yesterdays post and a friend lovingly brought it to my attention. Sometimes what I mean does not always come out clearly when I write it, and so please forgive me.

In the post God Likes it Steamy Hot, I made the statement, “God hates lukewarm Christians.” That is totally wrong. God love all of us – no matter what. No matter how many times we have rejected Him, no matter what sin we have committed, no matter how broken we are, and even if we are lukewarm. What God hates are our actions. God hates when we act lukewarm.

I have already edited the post to reflect the clearer portrayal of my intent. But I wanted to correct my mistake for those that read it already and to apologize.

Thanks, Ruth

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  1. No problem here. I knew what you meant. It is hard to be perfect all the time. I enjoy your posts, they are real, raw, responsible, and rare. Keep up the good words. A little muff once in awhile makes you just like the rest of us. 🙂

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