Time to Recharge

I will be honest with you; this year has been super hard.

I have struggled with depression in the midst of God calling me to experience His weeping over brokenness. My ministry partner Melanie had to step away leaving me feeling lonely, overwhelmed and lost.  Awaken-Love classes continue to fill to capacity. Countless women communicate the great impact and need, while few have stepped in to join the battle. I continue to feel called to Awaken-Love, and I know there is much to do, but I am exhausted – so it is time to recharge

This summer I need to take a break.

I need to recharge and refocus and spend time with God. My plan is to write a short post on Mondays based on the 10 Foundational Truths that Awaken-Love believes.  On Thursdays, I plan to repost one of my favorite articles from a couple of years ago. Please extend grace during this time as I recharge.

Join the Battle

Would you also pray about whether you feel called to make a difference in the area of sexual wholeness for Christian wives? It is time to raise up an army of women willing to make a stand. I would love to talk to about either facilitating an Awaken-Love video class or getting equipped to teach classes live.

Blessings, Ruth

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  1. Praying for you. You were one of the first blogs i found on my journey of understanding Gods plan for sex in marriage. Thanks so much for your work and I pray for strength and courage.

  2. Praying for you, Ruth. Thanks for the honesty! Will also pray that some more warriors step up to the plate! This ministry is live changing!

  3. The devil is vitally opposed to anything that helps marriage stay permanent and sexual. We wrestle not against flesh and blood but the very prince of this world system and homes and marriages are under attack like never before. When you help them you become a target, but be of good cheer Jesus said I have overcome the world. Your short blogs about marriage are priceless to us. We will not cease to pray against the wiles and stratagems of the enemy.

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