Understanding our Differences

I have to be honest, sex has been hard lately. My body is aging, my attitude is lousy, and I am beginning to get back into old habits of focusing too much on the finish line. Trust me, I know all the right answers. I have been teaching them to women for over 4 years.  But no matter how much I know, some days are just tough. In fact, lately I found myself questioning whether I was a total fraud teaching and writing about sex – somehow implying that if you understand and put into practice what I teach, everything will magically fall into place. Honestly, some days I just wish sex was as easy for me as it is for my husband.

Let me share a few thoughts

So women won’t feel quite so alone, and

Men will have a peek at the battle their wife faces.



It was another one of “those times” – when I wasn’t interested in a plan B – but instead found my disappointment pouring out like a raging river of sobs. Failing to orgasm during intercourse, I curled into a ball and all” those” reasons started pouring through my head.

If I would just relax more….

If I wasn’t so controlling….

If I wasn’t so focused on orgasm….

If I could just surrender….

As if deep down, I believed Freud’s theory that the only mature orgasm was a vaginal orgasm. Maybe I did have deep psychological hang ups that kept me from experiencing the pleasure of intercourse with my husband.