Many Options for Taking an Awaken-Love Video Class

When I first created the Awaken Love videos, I based everything off of my experiences teaching live classes. I realized the importance of community so that women could encourage and support each other as they shared their struggles and growth. I tried to recreate classes, with pauses for mixer questions, reading Song of Songs as a group, and discussion questions. Rather than just tell you the answers, I wanted women to discover their own answers. Though I still believe taking the video class in a group provides a powerful dynamic for transformation, I now realize that God can work regardless of the circumstances. If God has softened your heart and you are ready to seek His truth, He can use the Awaken-Love video class in many different ways as an impetus for change.


A Video Facilitator Shares about Awaken-Love

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take a group of friends through the Awaken-Love Video Class? Or where you would even start?

I’ve asked one women to share in general ways about her experience facilitating.

I want to take a moment to share with your readers about my experience with facilitating a video class. I hope  to inspire you to get a group of girlfriends together and have the fruit of this life-changing class!

Once I had a date set, I shared with a friend that I would be facilitating an Awaken-Love class. The news seemed to take on a life of its own as friends shared with friends.  I think there is such a hunger among women to have a safe place to talk about some of these intimate topics where Gods wisdom is present. I ended up with several women taking the class, many of whom I didn’t even know.

As part of our Step by Step Guide to facilitate a video class, we include sample invitations to invite your friends. Many women email the invitation in order to avoid a face to face conversation.

I was a little nervous about how it would all go. I really am not an expert on this topic. I was also worried about having some awkward silence where I didn’t know what to do.  As it turned out the videos and facilitator guide helped me walk through and we ended up with very rich discussions.  Some class nights, we didn’t make it through all the videos in the time we had so participants watched them on their own.  The videos made it easy for me to relax and let the class unfold.

I will say that the ground rules established at the beginning of class were super important in guiding our discussion.  As people gained comfort, we covered many topics that I cannot imagine ever discussing outside of the context of the class. The confidentiality and judgment free aspects of the class really helped people get the most out of it.  Everything that was needed to maintain a healthy and safe environment had been thought through and was communicated in the videos.

It was such an incredible privilege to watch how God worked in the hearts and marriages represented in the room.  I have been a part of many women’s bible studies over the years and none have had quite the impact that this study does.  I continue to be SO blessed in my marriage because of what I learned through the Awaken-Love class and I know the women who went through the six weeks with me were too.

If you want to strengthen your marriage and the marriages of your friends, host an Awaken-Love Video Class. You can invite women from small group, your marriage group, mops, neighbors or friends.

If you don’t know where to start or have questions, feel free to contact me.

The Awaken-Love Video Class is Here!

When God calls you to something, He doesn’t do it half way. He prepares the path, opens the doors, provides for every detail, equips you, stretches and grows you and brings it to completion. God is faithful and ensures that His purposes are fulfilled.

We are beyond excited to introduce the Awaken-Love Video Class for married women.  It was God’s idea, He will be the One that calls women to take the class, and He is the One that changes lives.


Many of you have encouraged us, prayed, provided funds and urged us to press on when we battled our own insecurities and were tested by waiting. Thank you! This Video Class would not be available to married women around the world without you!

As we continue working together to boldly share how powerfully GOOD God designed sex within marriage to be, will you please pray about whether:

God is calling you to talk to one friend about the Video Class.

God is calling you to invest in younger women by leading a group through the Video Class.

God is calling you to gather a group of friends to take the Video Class.

God is calling you to talk to your church or Bible study about the Video Class.

You will see God move in amazing ways…