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Biblically based live or video classes for wives, husbands or engaged couples will provide real answers and help you discover God’s design for sex.


Ruth writes from her own experiences and from the stories she encounters while teaching, to inspire you towards your own growth of marital intimacy.


In her engaging style, Ruth will challenge you to think beyond what you’ve been told, infuse you with hope, and spark an appetite to create real intimacy.

Welcome to Awaken Love, a place for Christians to learn about God’s wonderful plan for sex in your marriage. Enjoy deeper intimacy, feel cherished, and grow closer together with your spouse through:


For wives, husbands, and engaged couples.


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There were only two things I ever heard from church and home – don’t do it and you are the only clean drinking water for a very thirsty husband. I never heard how to make strong connections with him or even how to break the ice. In this study, I learned about the beauty of sex – the beauty of intimacy. View all testimonials